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Friday, October 12

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CHANGED: If Haidt is Right: Adjusting Counseling Pedagogy to Accommodate Moral Intuitions West B Designing and Delivering Teaching Instruction Courses in Counselor Education East Examining the Impact of School Counseling: Program and Ratio Methodology Center Journeys of Transformation and Persistence: Empowered Voices of Ethnic Minority Doctoral Students Arcadian 1-2 Licensure Portability and an Interstate Compact for Distance Counseling: Beyond National Declarations Arcadian 3-4 Multidimensional Cultural Humility Scale Mulligans Psychometric Properties of the Consultation Practice Proficiency Scale (CPPS) West A To Do No Harm Is Not Enough: Gatekeeping as a Form of Social Justice West C Worry-free Online Supervision: Ethical and Creative Palisades I ACES Qualitative Interest Network Azalea A View into Kuwaiti Women and Career: The Intersection of Gottfredson and Islamic Feminism Palisades Foyer Assessing Factors Related to Technology Use Beliefs in Evidence-Based Supported Employment Providers Palisades Foyer Athletic Trainer Views of Mental Illness: Impact and Implications for Counseling and Sports Medicine Palisades Foyer Breaking Barriers One Session at a Time: Promoting Counseling Among Minority College Students Palisades Foyer Contextualizing Post-disaster Resilience and Student Engagement at Predominately White Institutions Palisades Foyer Enhancing Yalom's Curative Factors Through Therapeutic Documentation Palisades Foyer The Black Ceiling: The Conspicuous Absence of African American Females in CEO Positions Palisades Foyer The Hidden World of Student-Athletes: Preparing Counselors to Work with This Population Palisades Foyer The Importance of Empowering Graduate Level Students Through Career Development to Pursue Employment Palisades Foyer This is Different: Supervising Counselors Working with College Student-Athletes Palisades Foyer Assessment Tools for Assessing Spirituality in Counseling Atlantic View II Challenges to Program Evaluation in Professional School Counseling Atlantic View II Does Gatekeeping Work? Examining the Pattern of Competency Problems from Training to Practice Atlantic View II Preparing Culturally Competent School Counselors Atlantic View II Supervision as a Developmental Relationship: Promoting Self-Efficacy, Autonomy & Leadership Atlantic View II Teaching Case Formulation: Strategies and Stressors Atlantic View II

10:00am EDT

Building Community: Improving Experiences of Non-Traditional and Culturally Diverse Students Arcadian 1-2 Chi Sigma Iota Chapter Faculty Advisors (CFA) Training Arcadian 3-4 Creative Methods of Supervision East Current Research on Flipped Learning in Counselor Education: Findings from Three Recent Studies Center Doctoral Students’ Research Barriers and Supports: A Longitudinal Analysis West B Exploration of Supervisees’ Experiences Prioritizing Information for Clinical Supervision Palisades I Free, Valid, and Reliable Assessments for School Counselors-in-Training West A Understanding the Experiences of Undocumented Clients: Implications for Counselor Educators Mulligans Distance/Online Counselor Education Interest Network Azalea #Photoshopped-The Disillusion of Social Media and its Effects on Body Image Palisades Foyer A Picture Is Worth a 1,000 Words: Graphics to Explain ICD-10 Palisades Foyer Addressing Student Mental Health Needs in a Multi-Stressed School Palisades Foyer Addressing Vicarious Trauma and Secondary Traumatic Stress: An Interactive Presentation Palisades Foyer Are We Missing the Majority? Preparing Students to Work with Atypical Eating Behaviors Palisades Foyer Exploring Relationship Change Through the Adjustment to Chronic Illness & Disability (CID) Journey Palisades Foyer Individual Therapy in Inpatient Settings: Rethinking our Approach to Mental Health Palisades Foyer The Influence of School-based Mental Health Counseling Services on Elementary Students with IEP's Palisades Foyer The Spectrum Moral Harm Palisades Foyer Thinking Ecologically: Teaching Students Ecological Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning Palisades Foyer Understanding Client Dreams and Nightmares: New Research Findings and Counseling Approaches Palisades Foyer Unspoken Pain: Addressing Suicide in Law Enforcement Officers Palisades Foyer Are We as “Woke” as We Think We Are: Exploring Counselor Education’s Multicultural Competence Atlantic View II Assessment of Professional Orientation and Identity Development Atlantic View II Counselors' and Students' Perceptions of Preparedness in Suicide Intervention and Prevention Atlantic View II Effective Gatekeeping Practices Atlantic View II Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care: Lessons Learned from Jackson State University Atlantic View II School Counselors Cultivating Equitable Practices in Language Brokering Atlantic View II Trauma Informed Supervision: Challenges and Models for Best Practice Atlantic View II Using the 360 Case Conceptualization Process for Group Supervision: A Continuing Study Atlantic View II

11:00am EDT

Academic Social Networking and Copyright: Legal and Ethical Implications for Counselor Educators West C An Experimental Investigation of White Counselors Broaching Race and Racism in an Intake Session West B Assessment in Counseling: The Use of Dispositions as a Gatekeeping Tool West A From the Ground Up: Building Your Very Own On-Campus Counseling Training Clinic Center Student Recruiting from a Smaller Pond: How to Help the Fish Swim to You Arcadian 1-2 Supervision in Play Therapy Palisades I Teaching Career Counseling: Strategies to Engage Students and Promote Career Access East Teaching Transgender Issues in Multicultural Courses Mulligans Ethics and Professional Development Interest Network Azalea College and Career Readiness: The Elementary Years Palisades Foyer Digital Addiction in Our Schools: A Protocol Model for School Counselors Palisades Foyer Loss of a Faculty Member: Crisis Management for High School Counselors Palisades Foyer QuestBridge: Programs to Enhance Equity for Low-Income, High-Achieving, College-Bound Students Palisades Foyer The Issue of Access: Clinical Supervision and The School Counselor Palisades Foyer Training School Counseling Students in Supervision Models: Implications for Counselor Educators Palisades Foyer Using Best Practices in Counseling to Promote Self-Efficacy Among Minority College Students Palisades Foyer What Don't We Do? The Lived Experiences of School Counseling Directors Palisades Foyer Creating Safe Spaces: Understanding the Importance of Trauma-Informed Care Atlantic View II More Than Just Internalized Homophobia: An Examination of Risks to Self-acceptance Atlantic View II Preparing School Counselors to Process Encounters with Aggressive Students Atlantic View II Supervisory Working Alliance and Supervisee Attributes in Relation to Nondisclosure in Supervision Atlantic View II Use of Technology to Enhance the Impact of Counselor Supervision Atlantic View II

12:00pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

A Case for Integrative Care in Counselor Education East Build It and They Will Come: Building a CACREP Aligned Program From the Ground Up in 24 Months Arcadian 1-2 CANCELED: Does This Apply to Me? Ethical and Practice Issues Counselors Need to Know but Are Reluctant to Ask West C Career Trajectories in Counselor Education: Determinants of Successful Pathways in Evolving Currents Center Creatively Cultivating Social Justice with Counselors, Educators, and Supervisors Mulligans Did I Hear That? Addressing Micro-Aggressions in Counselor Education Programs Arcadian 3-4 Effectively Assessing Counseling Students' Clinical Skills Palisades I Fostering Affective Empathy in Students Working with Addicted Clients West A Social Justice and Human Rights Interest Network Azalea Cultivating Equity Within the Classroom: Social Justice and Advocacy Palisades Foyer Enhancing Advocacy Efforts for Gay Jamaican Male Immigrants Palisades Foyer Eradicating Poverty for Women: Counselors Advocating Through Research, Practice, and Policy Palisades Foyer Holistic Admissions: An Approach to Supporting Diversity in Counselor Education Palisades Foyer Increasing Low-Income Student Engagement Through Community Centered Strategies Palisades Foyer Sharing Experiences: An Appreciative Inquiry of a Multicultural Counseling Course in The Bahamas Palisades Foyer Subtle Bias Among Counselors in Training: A Quantitative Correlational Analysis Palisades Foyer Taking Action: Promoting Advocacy in Counselor Education Programs Palisades Foyer The Impact of Race and Identity on College Student's Mental Health and Academic Self-Concept Palisades Foyer Where Do We Go From Here? Creating Inclusive Spaces for African American Women in CES Programs Palisades Foyer Developing an Intimate Partner Violence Recovery Instrument: Research and Clinical Applications Atlantic View II School Counselors and Advocacy: Understanding the Impact of Data-Driven Programs and School Climate Atlantic View II The Risk of Vicarious Traumatization in African-American Counselors Atlantic View II Training Supervisees in Applying Holistic Wellness into Case Conceptualization Atlantic View II Virtual Clinical Training Center: “A Telebehavioral Health Training Program” Atlantic View II We Fall Before We Fly: Conversations on Remediation and Growth Atlantic View II

3:00pm EDT

Applying the Competencies for Counseling Military Populations to Counselor Education Curriculum East Chi Sigma Iota Chapter Leaders Training Arcadian 3-4 Counseling Student Perceptions of their Counselor Educators’ Multicultural Competence Mulligans Ethical Use of Technology During Practicum/Internship West C Supervisor Cultural Humility as a Predictor of Supervisee Nondisclosure and Multicultural Competence Palisades I The Virtual Water Cooler: Managing Collegial Relationships in the Online World Center Using Standardized Role-Play to Evaluate Counselor Trainee Suicide Intervention Skill Acquisition West B Clinical Mental Health Counseling Interest Network Palisades H Supervision Interest Network Azalea Women's Interest Network Palisades G Assessing Strengths and Difficulties of Siblings of Persons Born with Lifelong Disabilities Palisades Foyer Ecological, Relational, and Cultural Perspectives on Miscarriage Palisades Foyer Emotion Regulation Among Mothers of Toddlers in the Context of Intensive Mothering Palisades Foyer Families' Perspectives of Barriers in Addressing Childhood Obesity: Implications for Counseling Palisades Foyer Postpartum Depression: How Do We Treat It? Palisades Foyer Stepfamilies and the Life Cycle Palisades Foyer Training Advocacy: Understanding Parental Adjustment Experiences in Late-Child Adoption Palisades Foyer When the Bully Lives at Home: Perspectives and Interventions for Sibling Aggression Palisades Foyer A Discussion and Application of Ethics on Dual Relationships in Counselor Education Atlantic View II Family First: School Counselor Involvement in Partnerships with Families of Color Atlantic View II How Can Supervisors Help Supervisees Respond to Microaggressions They May Experience From Clients? Atlantic View II Introduction to Statistical Analysis of Data Collected Over Time (i.e., Longitudinal Data) Atlantic View II Multipoint Qualitative Analysis of Counseling Student Learning in Four Group Counseling Exercises Atlantic View II Supervisors in Dual Roles and Benefits of External Supervision: Considerations for Supervision Atlantic View II Trauma-Informed Interventions for Offenders with Mental Illness: A Social Justice Agenda Atlantic View II

4:00pm EDT

CHANGED: Connecting Body and Soul: A Creative Arts Supervision Approach Mulligans Gender and Power: The Ethical Case for Gender Diversity Awareness in Supervision Palisades I Intersectionality: Marginalizing and Mental Health in Sexual and Gender Minorities Arcadian 3-4 My Smartphone Is My Therapeutic Aid: How to Utilize Technology Therapeutically West C Oh the Places Counselors Will Go: 5 Years of Program Data from CACREP-Accredited Programs Arcadian 1-2 Politics and Spirituality in Counselor Education: Values Considerations in Cultural Training West B Preparing Ethical Neuroscience-Informed Counselors: An Infusion Approach East Translation and Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Assessments: A Primer for Counseling Researchers West A College Counseling Interest Network Azalea Graduate Student Networking Palisades G School Counseling Interest Network Palisades H Addiction and Families: Systemic and Individual Wellness Implications Palisades Foyer Employee Burnout in Youth Residential Facilities: Personality, Stress, and Coping Palisades Foyer Helping Counselors in Training Support Themselves: Wellness Education and Implications Palisades Foyer How Do Counselor Educators Wellness Levels Impact Wellness Promotion for Counselor-in-training Palisades Foyer Lost In Loss: How Counselor Educators Experience Grief Within Their Programs and Professional Roles Palisades Foyer Personal Resilience and the Supervisory Relationship: Keys to Reducing Counselor Burnout Palisades Foyer The Diversity Stress Game of Social Justice Palisades Foyer The Wellbeing of Counseling Students: A Longitudinal Study of Perfectionism, Stress, and Coping Palisades Foyer Understanding How Modeled Wellness Influences Supervisee Personal Wellness Palisades Foyer Yoga and Mindfulness in Counselor Education: Shared Experiences and Techniques Toward Wellness Palisades Foyer Behind the Scars: Suggestions for Working With Intimate Partner Violence to Avoid Counselor Biases Atlantic View II Bringing Personal Passion into Early Researcher Development Atlantic View II Family Values and Bullying Behaviors in African American Adolescents Atlantic View II Multicultural Perceptions of Death and Dying: A Didactic Group Therapy Model to Increase Understanding Atlantic View II Supervising Millennials: Perspectives of a Millennial Supervisor Using a Blended Approach Atlantic View II The Paradox: Problematic Professional Competence in Counselor Trainees Atlantic View II When Religion Hurts: Supervising Cases of Religious Abuse Atlantic View II

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