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Saturday, October 13

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Building Resiliency within Counselor Education through Creative Mindfulness Techniques Palisades F Deliberate Practice: Developing Effective Counselors Through Supervision Palisades I Enhancing The Diverse Learner Experience: Training in Consejeria Bilingüe Mulligans Ethical Issues in Remediation: Navigating Gatekeeping and Due Process West C Integrating Intersectionality into the Integrated Developmental Model of Supervision Palisades G Mutuality in Doctoral Cohorts for Counselor Education and Supervision Programs Arcadian 1-2 Self-Compassion for Caregivers: A Three-Tiered Mentoring System to Foster Counselor Development East Supervision Can Be Fun: Integrating Experiential Activities in Supervision Palisades H Addiction Client Perspectives on the Use of Technology for Treatment and Recovery Support Palisades Foyer Best Practice Guidelines to Facilitate Post Traumatic Growth Among Trauma Counselors Palisades Foyer Counselor Self-Efficacy and Stigmatizing Attitudes Towards Offenders with Substance Use Disorders Palisades Foyer Higher Ed and Hurricanes: Experiences of a Counselor Educator Working in a Natural Disaster Area Palisades Foyer Invisible Wounds: Preventing Vicarious Trauma in Practicing Counselors Palisades Foyer Multicultural Concerns in Trauma Counseling: A Global Call to Action Palisades Foyer Pattern of Female Incarceration: The Presence of Abuse and Substance Misuse with Incarcerated Women Palisades Foyer Substance Use Among College Students Who Survived Childhood Sexual Abuse Palisades Foyer The Roles of Counselors, Educators, and Supervisors in Addressing the Opioid Epidemic Palisades Foyer Activism at Home: Examining and Addressing Incidents of Microaggressions Within Counseling Programs Palisades A & B An Examination of the Relationship between Wellness and Professional Identity in Counseling Palisades A & B Clinical Supervision: Office Versus In-Home Atlantic View II Doctoral Student Supervisors' Preparedness to Address Secondary Traumatic Stress Atlantic View II Fostering The Development of International Students’ Teaching Knowledge and Skill Palisades A & B From Intake to Termination: Assessing Improvement in Counselor Trainee Therapeutic Skills Atlantic View II Infusing Multicultural Sensitivity, Humility, and Competence into Teaching and Research Palisades A & B Narrative Study of Black Males' Sense of Belonging in Graduate Counseling Programs Palisades A & B Preferred Qualities of Candidates for Faculty Positions in Counselor Education Palisades A & B Sense of School Belonging as a Moderator Between Immigrant Status and Achievement in the U.S. Atlantic View II The Implications of Marijuana Legalization on Substance Abuse Treatment: A Phenomenology Palisades A & B The Influence of Social-Cognitive Factors on College and Career Readiness Atlantic View II Undocumented/DACA-mented Warriors “Strength, Courage, and Hope” Palisades A & B Vicarious Trauma and Supervision: Narrative Approaches for Counselor Educators Atlantic View II Career Connection Dunes Exhibitors Palisades Foyer Registration Palisades Registration Desk

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Advocating for Equity in the African American Community: Trauma Informed Perspective and Practice Palisades C BaFa BaFa: Foundational Diversity Training in Counselor Education East CACREP Table Talk Arcadian 1-2 Concept Mapping: A Constructive Mixed-Methods Research Design West B Learning to Be a Supervisor: Supervision-of-Supervision as a Reflexive Transforming Process West C Moving Toward Action: How Social Determinants of Mental Health Inform Social Justice Efforts Arcadian 3-4 Suicidality: College Students’ Attitudes and Behaviors Palisades F Voices of Rural School Counselors: A Study of Creating Safe Zones for LGBTQ Students West A What is Your Job Like? Experiences of Counselor Educators across Various Positions Center Technology Interest Network Azalea Counselors' Experiences Working with Children Exhibiting Externalized Behaviors: A Qualitative Study Palisades Foyer Equity Begins in Infancy: Bringing Awareness to Infant and Toddler Mental Health Palisades Foyer Equity Through Understanding: Using Science Fiction and Fantasy to Enhance Empathy Palisades Foyer Essential Awareness and Knowledge for Children with Disabilities in Play Therapy Palisades Foyer Exploring the Impact of 30 minutes of Aerobic Exercise on the Symptoms of ADHD in Adults Palisades Foyer Guardianship and Guardianship Alternatives: Implications for Counseling Education and Supervision Palisades Foyer Impact of Social Capital on Family Relationships for Low-Income Couples Palisades Foyer Improving Counseling Services for Urban Youth: Leadership Groups vs. Traditional Anger Management Palisades Foyer Love Languages Across the Lifespan Palisades Foyer Salient Attachment Relationships: Childhood to Adolescence Palisades Foyer Supervision Experiences Related to Secondary Traumatic Stress When Treating Sexual Abuse Survivors Palisades Foyer The Evolution of Autism and Asperger Syndrome: Where from Here? Palisades Foyer Utilizing Relational Cultural Theory to Inform Career Counseling with Autism Spectrum Disorders Palisades Foyer "She's so ____ for her age!" Microaggressions Related to Age and Gender in CES Palisades A & B (Not) Making the Grade: How Course Work Reveal Students’ Superficial Commitments to Social Justice Atlantic View II Bereavement Needs of Men: Social and Systemic Considerations Atlantic View II Black-ish: Counseling Implications When Race and Socioeconomic Status Intersect Palisades A & B Counseling Skills in Student Affairs? Survey says: Essential AND Expected! Palisades A & B Counselors-in-Training Perceptions of Supervisor Responses to Client Sexualized Behaviors Atlantic View II Creating a Culture of Activism When Teaching Career Counseling Atlantic View II Ethical Issues with Grief Counseling Atlantic View II Experience and Reflection: Doctoral Students Share Their Transition to Counselor Educator Supervisor Atlantic View II Exploring Millennial Activism and Racial Equity Interventions in Ferguson, Missouri Palisades A & B It’s Time to Talk About Porn Addiction: Implications for Counselor Educators and Supervisors Palisades A & B More Than a Day on the Hill: Flipping the Script for Advocacy Palisades A & B Navigating the Faculty Job Search as a Person of Color Palisades A & B Single in Academia: The Ethics of Dating Apps Atlantic View II Struggling Well: A Conversation on Relational Health in Clinical Students, Supervisors, and Faculty Palisades A & B Supervisors, are your supervisees ready to intervene with clients at risk of suicide? Atlantic View II Wellness KungFu: How Counselor Wellness is Related to EQ Palisades A & B

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"Chameleonic" Identity: Multi-layered biculturalism and Foreign-born Doctoral Counseling Students Palisades F "PRAY IT AWAY!" The Black Church and Mental Health- Advocacy in Motion Arcadian 3-4 Addiction Counseling Supervision: Legal and Ethical Issues and Considerations Palisades I Brain-Based Trauma Treatment Palisades C Cultural Humility in Trauma Treatment and Disaster Mental Health Center Enhancing Counselor Identity Development: A Mindfulness Approach to Supervision Palisades H How Do Black Female Faculty Define Success in Higher Education? Arcadian 1-2 Making Research Relevant: Helping Students Apply Research to Practice West B Navigating Broaching Behaviors in Clinical Supervision: White Doctoral Supervisors’ Experiences Palisades I Positive Gatekeeping: Helping Student Through the Gate West C Practicing What We Preach: A Critical Look at Ideology in Counselor Education Palisades A & B Racial Injustice in the Media: Effects of Exposure on Substance Use Mulligans Teaching Spirituality in Counselor Education East What Supervisors Need to Know About How Supervisees Process Constructive Feedback Palisades G Multicultural Counseling Interest Network Azalea A Qualitative Investigation of Using Virtual Reality in Counselor Student Skills Training Palisades Foyer Counselor Educators in Academic Medical Settings: Expanding Counseling Specialty Areas Palisades Foyer Design Thinking in Counselor Education and Supervision Palisades Foyer Equipping Intern Counselors to Address Poverty and Social Inequity Palisades Foyer Helping Supervisees in Understanding Clinical Fear and Using CBT to Work with Suicidal Clients Palisades Foyer Implementation of Counselor Training Program for At-Risk Children, Adolescents, and Families Palisades Foyer Internships in Integrated Care: Program Development for Counselor Educators and Supervisors Palisades Foyer School Counselor Preparation for Social Justice Advocacy Palisades Foyer Supervising Cultural Consciousness Development of Counselor-Trainees Working with Children of Color Palisades Foyer The Intersection Between Deeply Held Beliefs and Professional Values: Bridging the Gap Palisades Foyer "You're atheist, I'm a theist." Privilege and Marginalization in the Bible Belt Palisades A & B Advocate for Your Academic Future: Tenure strategies for Counselor Education Faculty Palisades A & B Career and Educational Equity and Access for Rural Appalachian Youth Atlantic View II CHANGE: An Experiential Approach to Facilitate Ethical Multicultural Counseling, Education, and Supervision Palisades A & B CHANGED: Responding to Community Uprisings: A Crisis Response and Activism Model Palisades A & B CHANGED: School Counselor Preparation: How Can We Include Immigrants' Needs? Palisades A & B Creative Teaching Strategies and Clinical Techniques to Enhance Career Counseling Palisades A & B Examining the Impact of a Couple’s Intervention on Parental Outcomes Palisades A & B Fostering Resiliency in an At-Risk Elementary School Through Child Teacher Relationship Training Atlantic View II Helping Prepare Students to Succeed with the CPCE and NCE Atlantic View II Maybe You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks: Creating an Animal Assisted Therapy Class Atlantic View II Promoting Research Collaboration: Using Consensual Qualitative Research in Counselor Education Palisades A & B Self-compassion and Compassion Among Counseling Students: A Correlational Study Palisades A & B Supervision, Diversity Awareness, and Practice: The Ethical Case for Cultural Competence Atlantic View II The Implications of Adverse Childhood Experiences Research on Counseling Students Atlantic View II The Synergy of Neuroscience and Counseling: Past, Present, and Future Applications in Our Field Atlantic View II Unique Strategies Utilized by Online Counselor Educators to Ensure Gatekeeping of The Profession Palisades A & B You Belong: Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Populations Within Counseling Programs Atlantic View II

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ANOVAs, Correlations, and Regressions, Oh My! Managing Student Anxiety when Learning Statistics West B Effectiveness, Privacy, and Safety Concerns About the Supplemental Use of Mobile Apps in Counseling West C Increasing Research Competency Among Counseling Students Using the 3EM Model East Infusing Case Conceptualization into the Counseling Practicum and Internship Learning Experience Palisades H Integrating Trauma Sensitivity and Education into School Counselor Training West A Integrating Wellness in Dating and Intimate Relationships Within Counselor Education Center Mindful Self-Compassion Techniques for Counselors In Training Palisades C Mindfulness for Counselors: Personal and Self-Care Applications Palisades F Pre-Service Counselor Identity Development Arcadian 3-4 Ready for a New Job? Start Early to Successfully Negotiate Your Best Academic Job Package Arcadian 1-2 Training Students and Supervisees in a Unique Model to Understand Diverse Clients Mulligans CHANGED: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Interest Network Azalea An Exploration of the Experiences of Counselor Education Doctoral Students Supervising Across Tracks Palisades Foyer Animal Assisted Interventions in Supervision: Review, Research, and Implications Palisades Foyer Are You a Woke Supervisor? Using a Relational-Cultural and Solution-Focused Approach to Supervision Palisades Foyer Assessing Supervision Outcomes Using Single Case Research Design Palisades Foyer Considerations for Supervisors Working with Counselors New to Integrated Healthcare Settings Palisades Foyer Developmental Supervision: Advancing Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competence Palisades Foyer Ensuring Beneficial Doctoral Practicum Supervision Amidst Inequity of Experience Palisades Foyer Multi-Level, Multi-Modal Training Supervisory Approach for Developing Counselors in Training Palisades Foyer Multicultural Supervision and Competency Across the Clinical Lifespan Palisades Foyer Promoting Safety in the Supervision of Difficult Cultural Experiences Palisades Foyer Supervisees' Inherent Qualities and Their Impact in Supervision Palisades Foyer Teaching Self-Care to Future Counselors: Importance, Implications, and Impact Palisades Foyer The Impact of Supervision on Counselor Self-Efficacy: Working with Suicidal Clients Palisades Foyer The Supervision House: A Developmental Tool for Group Supervision Palisades Foyer A Systems Lens: Implications for Pre-Service School Counselor Supervisors Atlantic View II Combating Isolation in Online Academia Palisades A & B Counselor Educators and STEM Career Initiatives: Implications for Research, Practice, and Training Atlantic View II Creating and Cultivating Equity Through the Use of Case Studies and Genograms Atlantic View II Developing Emotional Intelligence in Counselors: A Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder Lens Palisades A & B Facilitating Social Justice Advocacy Experiences Within Counselor Education Programs Atlantic View II Just Out Here: Black Women’s Early Experiences in Counselor Education Doctoral Programs Palisades A & B Left Behind Suicide Survivors: Effectively Helping with the “Why” Atlantic View II Podcasting a Wide Net: Opportunities for Enhancing Pedagogy and Promoting Equity Palisades A & B Special Attention: Helping Student Parents Succeed in Counseling Programs Atlantic View II Teaching a Service-Learning Course on Grief, Loss, and Trauma Atlantic View II Understanding Counselor Licensure Boards: Advocating for Change in Your State Atlantic View II Working with Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence as they Navigating New Relationships Palisades A & B

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Acculturation and Racial Identity in Multicultural Supervision Dyads Palisades I More Bang for Your Buck: Using Service Grants for Student Recruitment and Research Productivity Arcadian 1-2 On the Outskirts of Gender: Supporting Supervisees Working With Gender Nonconforming and Genderqueer Clients West C Preparing Counselors to Work with Clients in Poverty: Enhancing Multicultural Competence Mulligans Putting the "Educator" in Counselor Educator: Training Doctoral Students to be Competent Teachers East School Counselors Need Supervision Too: Addressing Unique Aspects of School Counselor Supervision Palisades H The Relationship Between School Counselor Practices and Burnout: Implications for CES West A The Road to Engaged Research: Developing Students to Become Future Researchers Arcadian 3-4 The Secret Life of Doctoral Students: A Photovoice Study Center The Use of Photovoice as a Qualitative Methodology in Counseling West B Using Spiritual Disciplines to Reduce Compassion Fatigue Palisades F TSC Editorial Board Meeting Palisades G ACES Advocacy Interest Network Azalea Are You Really Gone? Attachment and Grief Palisades Foyer CHANGED: School Counselors and STEM Career Development Program Delivery: Preliminary Findings Palisades Foyer CHANGED: The School Counselor and Counselor Educator's Role in Self-Advocacy Palisades Foyer Doctoral-Level Teaching Preparation and Teaching Self-Efficacy: Supporting Best Practices Palisades Foyer Innovativeness in Counselor Education: A Grounded Theory Palisades Foyer Pedagogical Strategy for Integrating Human Development Models into Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Palisades Foyer Professional Identity Development of Counselors in Training Palisades Foyer Religion and Spirituality in Counseling: Implications for Counselor Educators and Supervisors Palisades Foyer Supervising International Counseling Students Palisades Foyer Teaching and Leadership: Mentoring Non-Traditional Counselor Education Doctoral Students Palisades Foyer Teaching Counseling Assessment Utilizing Experiential and Service Learning Approaches Palisades Foyer Teaching the ASCA Model and the School Counselor-in-Training Palisades Foyer The Effects of Live Supervision on Counselor in Training Self-Efficacy When They Graduate Palisades Foyer Understanding the Veteran Student and Helping Them Succeed in Counselor Education Palisades Foyer Adverse Childhood Experiences: Implications for Counselors Working with At-risk Children and Youth Atlantic View II Developing a Virtual Reality Therapy Environment for Children Diagnosed with Autism Atlantic View II Essentially Existential: An Existential Approach to Career Counseling and Development Atlantic View II Implementing a Standardized-Simulated Client Pedagogy in Counselor Education Atlantic View II Imposter Syndrome in Counselor Educators Palisades A & B Infusing the ASCA Model and Data-Driven Practices into School Counseling Internship Supervision Atlantic View II Maximizing Learning for All Students: How to Use Universal Design in Counselor Education Palisades A & B Postcolonial Thought: A Invitation to Reimagine Professional Relationships in Counselor Education Palisades A & B Removing School Counselors from Isolation: How Can We Provide Them With More Effective Supervision? Atlantic View II Supporting the Therapeutic Alliance with African American Clients Using a Critical Race Approach Atlantic View II The Protective Circle: Queer Fathers and Counselors Palisades A & B Ways to Promote Leadership and Social Justice in Action During Counselor Education Coursework Palisades A & B

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Be SMART with Project-Based Learning for School Counselor Preparation West A Becoming an Advocate for Clients and Counselors Palisades G Coming of Age in Counselor Education: How Age Perception Impacts Counselor and Client Wellness Palisades F Empathy Training: The Efficacy of Short-Term Empathy Training Workshops on Counselor Trainees East Forging Counselor Identity Formation: A Liminal Journey Arcadian 1-2 Go the Distance…. If You Build It, They Will Come Center Mitigating Vicarious Trauma: Teaching Protective Strategies and Vicarious Resilience Palisades C Racial Bias Within Clinical Supervisory Relationships: Experiences of Supervisees of Color Palisades I Survey Research Methods: A Discussion on Best Practices and Strategies for Counselor Educators West B The Weinstein Effect: Evolving Ideas Around Feminism In Counselor Education and Supervision West C Working with Spanish Speaking Populations: Cultural Competence and Helping Strategies Mulligans International Students and Faculty Interest Network Aradian 5 SACES State Leaders Network Azalea Autoethnography as Method for Facilitating Researcher Identity Development Palisades Foyer Behaviors and Barriers: Counselors’ Experiences with Reporting Suspected Child Abuse Palisades Foyer CITs and Violence Survivors: Increasing Knowledge and Self-Efficacy through Training Palisades Foyer Court Preparedness for Pre-Credentialed Play Therapists Palisades Foyer Cutting to the Chase: Counselor Interns’ Preparedness for Counseling Clients Who Self-Injure Palisades Foyer Development of a Measure of Intervention Skills in Counselor Education Students Using the IDM Palisades Foyer Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Interventions with Youth in Alternative to Suspension Programs Palisades Foyer Examining Self-compassion as a Mediator Between Personal Factors and Counselor Development Outcomes Palisades Foyer Exploring Racism Trauma and Hope Narrative in the Baltimore City Uprising Palisades Foyer Higher Education Mentorship in Counseling: A 20-Year Content Analysis Palisades Foyer Lessons from the Road: Community-Based Counseling Intervention Research Palisades Foyer Research Informs Practice in Counselor Education: A Content Analysis of Top ACA Journals Palisades Foyer The Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences, Attachment, Alexithymia, and Suicide Risk Palisades Foyer A Recommendation for Training School Counselor Site Supervisors Atlantic View II Across the Miles: Paramount Education Atlantic View II Activism in Practice: Basic Helping Skills for LGBTQ+-Affirmative Practices in Schools and Community Palisades A & B African-American Female Faculty Research Mentorship Experiences in Counselor Education Palisades A & B Bridging the Gap Between the Mental Health Community and The Black Church Palisades A & B Do Counselor Education Programs in HBCU’s Promote Wellness in their Students? Palisades A & B Exploring the Benefits and Challenges of Implementing a Developmental Cohort Model Palisades A & B Nontraditional Students: Who are They and How Can We Help Them Get the Most from Graduate Study? Atlantic View II Supporting Counselor Trainees in Developing a Personal Counseling Theory Atlantic View II The Use of Mindfulness Training to Support Counselor Development Palisades A & B The “Angry Black Woman”: The Media's Influence on Romantic Relationships for Black Women Palisades A & B Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Address Health Inequities Atlantic View II Using Music and Song Lyrics for Theoretical Conceptualization Activities in Counselor Education Palisades A & B Wagging Tails and College Students: Animal-Assisted Interventions in Higher Education Settings Palisades A & B

3:00pm EDT

Advocacy Choices and Actions Among Counseling Leaders Palisades G CHANGED: #BlackLivesMatter: A Framework for Culturally-Conscious Counselor Education Practice Palisades I Infusing the Use of Creativity to Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion in Online Counselor Education Center Lived Experiences of First Generation College Students across the Higher Education Continuum West B Overcoming Guilt and Defensiveness: Assisting Students in Engaging in Multicultural Courses Mulligans Preparing School Counselors to Work with Students in Poverty West A Relational-Cultural Supervision with Counselors-in-Training Arcadian 3-4 Strengths-Based Supervision and Students with Disabilities East Taking It to the Streets: Examining Posttraumatic Growth and Protesting Palisades C The Myth of Gray Rape and Implications for College Counseling Centers Palisades H Understanding the Experiences of Religious Abuse West C Women, Work, and Caregiving: Fostering Wellness and Equity Palisades F Academia & Private Practice: Considerations for Counselor Educators and Supervisors Palisades Foyer Beyond Multiculturalism in Counseling: Incorporating Case Management, Advocacy, and Empowerment Palisades Foyer Court Survival Guide: Helping Yourself and Your Supervisees to Prepare for Criminal Court Palisades Foyer Developmental Networks and Interpersonal Support of Beginning Counselors Palisades Foyer Exploring Immigrant Counselors' Professional Identity Development Palisades Foyer Facilitating School Counseling Student's Professional Identity Palisades Foyer How Exemplar Counselor Advocates Develop a Social Justice Interest Palisades Foyer It Takes a Village: Promoting Professional Counselor Identity Palisades Foyer Mindful Ethics Palisades Foyer Navigating Dual Roles as Doctoral Students and the Importance of Counselor Educators Supervision Palisades Foyer The Impact of Empathy and Shame on Counselor and Counselor Educators’ Professional Identity Development Palisades Foyer Vicarious Trauma Among Counselors: Training for Supervisors and Counselor Educators Palisades Foyer Where Is the Metaphor? How Allegories Are Utilized in Counselor Education and Social Justice Palisades Foyer Advocacy in Action: What Do We Need to Know, to Be, and to Do? Palisades A & B Equity for Older Adults: Developing the AgeWell Initiative at a CACREP-Accredited Institution Atlantic View II Finding Fit Roundtable: Work-Life Balance in Counselor Education Atlantic View II Intergroup Forgiveness of Race-Related Offenses and Stigma Associated with Seeking Counseling Services Palisades A & B Mentoring Teaching/Teaching Mentoring: Joining Together to Facilitate Pedagogical Growth Palisades A & B Migration Trauma and the Script-Based Self: Guiding Transactional Analysis Work with Immigrants Atlantic View II School Counseling Site Supervisors: Their Perceptions of Effective Characteristics and Practices Atlantic View II The Do's and Don'ts of Collaboration: Lessons Learned as Doc Students and New Professionals Palisades A & B The Ethical, Legal, and Practical Implications of Distance Counseling Atlantic View II Women’s Experience of Infertility and Disenfranchised Grief Atlantic View II

4:00pm EDT

Educator Sexual Misconduct in Schools: Counselor Educators’ Responsibilities West A Family of Origin Resource Inquiry: A Training Approach Palisades F School Counselors as Social Change Agents: Counselor Educators’ Role in Promoting Equity West B Strategies for Effectively Teaching Online Within the Helping Professions Center Wellness in Rural Counselor Education and Supervision Palisades C Who Am I, and Why Does That Matter? Exploring Identity in Counselor Supervision Palisades I Creating and Cultivating Equity in an Online Course: Activism in Practice Palisades Foyer Designing a Counselor Education Course on Complementary and Integrative Therapies for Mental Health Palisades Foyer Exploring Crisis Preparation Training in CACREP-Accredited Programs Palisades Foyer Redesigning and Implementing a Multicultural Counseling Course: Implications for Counseling Programs Palisades Foyer Successfully Mentoring Online Counseling Faculty Palisades Foyer The Great Paradigm Shift: Counselor Educators Transition from Land-Based to Online Education Palisades Foyer The Great Paradigm Shift: Counselor Educators transitions from Land-Based to Online Education Palisades Foyer Wait, I’m Not Perfect? Applying Self-Compassion Training to Improve Student Outcomes Palisades Foyer You Want Me to Teach What? The Challenge of Infusing Trauma-Informed Methods in the Curriculum Palisades Foyer Counseling Women with Unresolved Grief from Pregnancy Loss Palisades A & B Doctoral Student Marriages: Recommendations for Students, Spouses, and Counselor Educators Palisades A & B Examining Mental Health and Academic Concerns of Student Parents in Counselor Education Programs Palisades A & B Exploring Teaching Competencies within Counselor Education Palisades A & B Improving Research Self-Efficacy: A Means of Cultivating Equality Palisades A & B In Search of Free Pizza: Financial Struggles of Graduate Students in Counselor Ed Palisades A & B Inescapable Self-Disclosure: The Lived Experiences of Pregnant Sex Offender Counselors Palisades A & B The Collegial, Competent, and Consultative Model of Supervision for Professional School Counselors Palisades A & B The Counselor Educator's Role in Cultivating Health Equity with Low-Income Populations Palisades A & B Transitioning to the Professoriate: Unspoken Expectations, What You Didn't Learn In Your Doc Program Palisades A & B
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