John Benda

John M, Benda Psychotherapy Services, Inc.
Clinical Social Worker - Child and Family Therapist
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I am a 20 + year Child and Family, Individual Adolescent and Adult, and Couple Therapist from Minnesota. I am an experienced therapist of 18,000+ psychotherapy sessions, experiential in approach and way of working. I am also former college professor of Family Dynamics, Crisis Intervention and Human Sexuality in the Minnesota University System.
I have additionally taught my own workshops and seminars on joining with families doing family therapy, multilayered family dynamics, and the causes and healing of Depression, Drug use, Defiance and Identity/self esteem struggles with Adolescents. I have an additional Masters degree in Philosophy and Religion focused on and integrating Ethics, Aesthetics and Ecology. I am also a classical and blues guitarist and very active in Climate Justice on various Boards of organizations in Minnesota.
I am open to talking about any therapy topic, consultation for cases of any kind and session structure, about impasses and being stuck with patients/clients, and the deepest client emotions, experiences and existential concerns... John Benda

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, October 13